Norwegian Road Tolls

There are about 200 toll stations in Norway. All of which are automated*, and marked with "AutoPASS" and the symbol to the right.

Vehicles registered driving in Norway through automated road toll stations are subsequently invoiced. The invoice is sent by post (or e-mail if the owner has pre-registered via EPCs website). Vehicles with a tag** are entitled to discounted toll fees and will receive an invoice from their tag issuer.

The automated toll stations are all equipped with a camera that reads the vehicle number plate and toll tags. In order to invoice foreign registered vehicles the Norwegian Road Authorities, Statens Vegvesen, must obtain access to various vehicle licensing’s authorities in the different countries. Foreign registered vehicles will be invoiced by Euro Parking Collection plc (EPC). EPC is an authorised service provider with authority to issue invoices to vehicle owners registered outside the jurisdiction of the issuing authority. It is on the basis of this authorisation that the invoice has been issued.


Statens Vegvesen and toll companies in Norway can invoice vehicle owners for toll passages in accordance with the Public Roads law paragraph 27.

It is compulsory for heavy commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes to have a valid AutoPASS account before entering Norway.

M1 categorised vehicles are now charged as small vehicles, if they have a valid AutoPASS account set up before entering Norway.

For more information about this and the Norwegian road tolls, their location and how to set up a tag, please visit

AutoPASS is the Norwegian system for the collection of road tolls. It is owned by Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration).


All drivers, regardless of nationality, have to pay Norwegian toll roads. There are two tariff classes: Tariff class group 1: Vehicles with a permitted weight of 3.5 tons or less, and all vehicles regardless of weight in vehicle class group M1 in Autosys (the Norwegian vehicle and driver licence register). There is a requirement of having an electronic valid tag for vehicles over 3.501 tons for M1 if they are to be included in the tariff class group 1. Tariff class group 2: Vehicles with a permitted weight of more than 3.501 tons, except vehicles that are registered in vehicle class group M1 in Autosys. Moped/ Motorcycles do not need to pay tolls in Norway, except if driving through the Atlanterhavstunnelen***

In order to operate the toll stations efficiently, the toll road operators have outsourced the task of collecting payments from foreign vehicles to EPC, which specialises in cross-border payments and debt collection.

No, normally not. In most cases EPC offers the customer a choice between payment to a bank account in their local currency or to a Norwegian bank account. This option is available in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The invoice is issued in the local currency, based on the exchange rate of the invoice date. It is also possible to pay by VISA or MasterCard.

Processing data and finding relevant information might take some time. Toll passages are also put on hold for short periods to enable more toll passages to be included in the same invoice. Therefore, the invoicing time may be longer than you are used to.

You have been charged a fee of 300 NOK for one of the following reasons:

  • If you have received a notice with a surcharge for a passage through Svinesundsforbindelsen prior to 1st November 2015, you would have received this because you did not stop and pay at the toll station. Prior to 1st November 2015, Svinesundsforbindelsen was manual.
  • You have not paid the invoice in due time.

The image is captured at an automatic toll station. If a vehicle does not have a valid On-board Unit an image of the licence plate is automatically taken in order to connect the vehicle to its registered owner. The images are included on the invoice to prove that the toll passage took place. You can view all images taken of your vehicle on

The brightness of the image is auto-adjusted in order to read the license plate number.

In rare cases it may be that a payment point you have passed is not registered by our system. If the invoice from EPC is just for the road toll, it has to be paid (using the payment methods on the invoice). If you have received a fine, send a copy of the invoice to, and they will make sure that you only have to pay the road toll.

* The only manual toll station left in Norway where you cannot pay with a tag or be invoiced later, is Atlanterhavstunnelen. You will have to stop and pay before you drive through this toll.

** Visit for further information and how to order a tag. Register your exemption for heavy M1 vehicles or zero emission vehicles when you order a tag. An AutoPASS tag is free of charge, you will only need to pay a NOK 200 deposit which will be refunded when you cancel the contract and return the tag.

*** If you believe your vehicle is exempt, please register for an AutoPASS tag with a road toll company to register your exemption, or visit for further information.