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Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt. (NÚSZ Zrt.)

National Toll Payment Services Co. Ltd.

The Hungarian public road network (motorways, highways, national roads) can only be used with a valid authorisation for road use (e-Vignette/e-Matrica). Well in advance and at all entry points to the motorway, there are relevant traffic signs installed calling the driver's attention to the payment obligation. The authorisation has to be paid before entering the motorway with a maximum grace period of 60 minutes (any purchases made after this time cannot be accepted) and for the correct period of validity, vehicle registration mark, country code and vehicle category.

Toll Categories

In accordance with the legislation of the issuing organisation, it remains the responsibility of the registered owner of the vehicle in question to be liable for any traffic violations, irrespective of the person driving the vehicle at the time.

How to pay the toll fee in advance

The fee can be purchased in advance at several points around the motorway; at NUSZ’s own sales points (customer service) and at other retailers (e.g. petrol stations). The fee can also be purchased online, via text message and via a smart phone application. For more information about how to pay for the toll fee and location of the sales points in Hungary and at the borders, please visit:

Before you pay the fee for the Hungarian roads, you must confirm and make sure that the period of validity, vehicle registration mark, vehicle category and country code are correctly entered. Therefore, the registered owner of the vehicle is always responsible when paying the fees to make sure that all details have been entered correctly.

If a vehicle does not have a valid authorisation for road use at the time of inspection, a Penalty Charge Notice for unauthorised road use must be paid.

Received a notice

If you have received a notification (Penalty Charge Notice) from EPC and you believe that you had a valid authorisation at the time, please check that all details are correct on the counter foil (e-Vignette/e-Matrica) and please contact EPC with a copy and also a copy of your Vehicle Registration Document (all pages).

On the counter foil it is written that you must keep it for at least 1 year after its expiry. If you no longer have the counter foil, you can ask for a copy at the sales point where you bought it.